Master Class Series in

US Inbound/Outbound Financial Planning

Words from our founder:

The Master Class series in US Inbound/Outbound International Financial Planning is an advanced course for financial planners, wealth managers, private bankers, CPA/accountants, and other advanced financial professionals working with international and cross-border clients in the US and Americans abroad. It is a ten lesson program taught by a faculty of financial planners, accountants, tax, immigration and estate attorneys. 

Given the exponential complexity that exists when dealing with matters affecting the U.S. and residents of a specific foreign country, this is not a cross-border class where instruction is provided on how the U.S. works with specific foreign countries. 


  1. Develop an awareness of the bear-traps, pitfalls, and missteps that exist in this specialized area of financial advice.

  2. Understand the hot button issues that affect advice delivery and how an engagement differs when working with an expat in the US or Americans abroad.

  3. Know the questions you need to ask and the additional documentation you need to collect.

  4. Expand your horizons with a complex body of knowledge and build contacts in a community offered nowhere else.

Learning Objective(s):

The GFP Master Class is intended to provide students with the relevant  knowledge to work with expats who have moved to the U.S. or Americans abroad with their outbound planning.

Lessons Include:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Global Financial Planning
Lesson 2: Tax Systems, US Tax Treatment of Foreign Income and Passive Foreign Investment Companies (PFICs)
Lesson 3: Definitions of Residency, Domicile and Source of Income
Lesson 4: Pre-immigration Planning & Covered Expatriates
Lesson 5: Treaties, Reporting and Tax Compliance

Lesson 6: Investments and Banking
Lesson 7: Retirement Account Transfers and Social Security
Lesson 8: Risk Management and Foreign Exchange
Lesson 9: International Estate Planning
Lesson 10: Education Planning, Real Estate, & Case Studies in Cross-Border Planning


10 Lessons. The Master Class is taught in an online interactive format, in a live 90-120 minute long Zoom screen-sharing meeting with Q&A.


Weekly from June 3 - April 15th (with 25th March off).


Regular price - $3,895. Includes first year membership of the GFP Institute valued at $445.



Master Class in US Inbound/Outbound International Financial Planning

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