🇵🇹Ticket to Ride? The Portuguese Golden Visa Program and Accessing EU Residency

Tuesday, Oct 5 (100 Seats)

01:00 PM PDT / 4:00 PM EDT

The Global Financial Planning Institute invites you to join us on Tuesday, Oct 5 at 1:00 PST / 4:00 PM EST for a Zoom Webinar entitled 'Ticket to Ride? The Portuguese Golden Visa Program and Accessing EU Residency.

Some of the topics our presenter John McNertney GFP, CFP® will be covering in this webinar include:


  • How Portugal became a top travel destination in recent years, and what the country is doing to ensure its relevance as an important part the EU, and the modern Global Business environment.

  • Information on how the Golden Visa program functions as of 2021, as well as what the country's financial authorities are saying about how it might change in the future.

  • How the program is viewed in the country, as well as how the local investment community is lining up assets to participate.

  • How to successfully navigate the program: how someone interested in participation may ultimately fail to see it through.

"Ticket to Ride? The Portuguese Golden Visa Program and Accessing EU Residency"
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Presenter :John McNertney, CFP

John has been a CFP licensed advisor for nearly a decade, and has been an investment professional since 2004. He travels Europe extensively and speaks multiple languages. In addition to his work as an advisor, he is a fully engaged parent and an involved member of his civic communities, both in San Francisco and Lisbon, Portugal.


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