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🌎Working with International and Cross-Border Clients: The GFP Institute Master Class Program

You are invited to attend our complimentary webinar as we get ready to launch the second master class in US Inbound/Outbound International Financial Planning.

We'll review the challenges advisors face in working with  international and cross-border clients, the challenges firm's face, and provide an overview to the Global Financial Planning Institute's Master Class program.

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This is a program designed for financial planners, wealth managers, private bankers, CPA/accountants, and other advanced financial professionals working with international and cross-border clients in the US and Americans abroad.


Host: Ashley S. Murphy

Tri-citizen of the US, Australia and the UK & Principal of Areté Wealth Strategists Australia, Financial Planning firm based in the US. Australian/US expat clients constitute 70% of its book.

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Discover the benefits of becoming

a Global Financial Planner:

  • Have the skills to competently provide inbound/outbound International financial advice

  • Develop a niche-focused career/practice and stand out from other advisors when dealing with global clients

  • Work with a higher net-worth client base who have a greater need for US-specific financial solutions (e.g. access to US brokerage accounts, life insurance etc)

  • Higher cultural affinity with clients who share a similar background as yours

  • Ability to work remotely for an online firm

  • Ability to work remotely as an independent advisor & build a remote team

  • Extra-layer of protection from unusual circumstances (like the Covid-19 crisis)


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Master Class in US Inbound/Outbound International Financial Planning?

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