Donna Krohn, GFP Fellow CFP® Behavioral Finance Advisor®

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629 Cape Coral Parkway East, Cape Coral, FL 33904
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Holistic financial planning, retirement and income planning

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Independent Firm with approximately $200m under management. I provide holistic and ongoing financial planning for all of our client base.

Ideal Clients

US Citizens interested in retiring to or have an interest in the Caribbean

Ways Advisor Charges

Fee Only Financial Planning, Flat fee based on AUM


Donna has been working with financial advisors around the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia since 2013. “My favorite aspects of my job is to put together the pieces of someone’s life so they can clearly see where they are today. It is tremendously satisfying to show people how their actions (big and small), even with mistakes and setbacks, have put them in a situation that is stronger than they could have imagined. Giving clients that peace of mind through planning and educating them on their financial situation and options is core reason why I chose to be a Financial Planner.” Donna currently resides in Southwest Florida and is the Senior Financial Planner with Retirement Wealth Advisors, LLC. Donna is expanding her area to include the Caribbean, specifically US based clients who have an interest in Caribbean. The Caribbean region is composed of 13 countries and 21 territories, each with their own unique set of policies and procedures that can affect those with interests there. With proper planning and access to multiple resources, Donna seeks to help Clients navigate these policies and procedures and the impact to their individual situation. Donna earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Penn State University and holds a Certificate in Financial Planning from the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia as well as being a Certified Financial Planner®. Donna is also a Behavioral Finance Advisor which emphasizes a holistic approach to financial planning.

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