Cross-Border Financial Planning Guides and White Papers:


International and Cross Border Financial Planning - The Need for Specific Education

Compared to decades ago, more people live and work abroad. But traditional financial planning education does not account for this mobile way of life and its impact on one’s wealth management and financial strategy.

Australia vs United States: Pros And Cons Of Managed Funds For Expat Investors

Managed funds investment is one of a huge range of investment options; and one of the few investment types where we can make a clear comparison between investing in Australia vs investing in America.

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How Passive Foreign Investment Corporation (PFIC) Tax Rules Affect Almost most Americans Abroad

Due to its citizenship based taxation system of the United States, the expat American citizen/Permanent resident remains a U.S. tax resident. As such, the draconian taxation that applies to foreign passive investments corporation rules (PFIC) apply.