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Attaining the GFP Designation


Upon completing the Master Class in U.S. Inbound/Outbound International Financial Planning, passing the proctored exam, and fulfilling the other requirements listed below, you will be entitled to use the GFP designation.

  • CFP®, ChFC, CPA/PFS, CFA, CIMA, or CPWA accreditation, and

  • At least three years (full-time or equivalent) experience working directly with private clients as a financial advisor, wealth manager, private banker or in a similar/equivalent professional capacity.

  • Signing an oath to uphold a fiduciary standard of care


Level 1: Inbound/Outbound perspective of one country: GFP (Country of Focus). E.g. GFP (USA)

Level 2: A ‘CFP lite’ in a foreign country: Nothing new, other than 'Candidate for GFP cross-border designation.'

Level 3: A specific cross-border bilateral issue focus, so two countries will be listed with the first being where the candidate is primary qualified and the second where they've done their cross-border study. E.g. GFP (USA/AUS)

Follow these instructions to submit your application for 28 CE credits.


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